Cancer Treatments for Dogs, Cats and Horses

If your pet has been diagnosed with cancer, the Board Certified Oncologists at the Cancer Veterinary Centers can help – we specialize in treating pets with cancer.

Either your family veterinarian has referred your pet to us, or you wish a second opinion. Either way, after your pet has been diagnosed with cancer, it is important to learn more about the diagnosis and to find a specialist who will design the best individualized treatment plan for the particular type of cancer your pet has.

We will explain your pet’s cancer to you, and discuss its size and location, where it started and if it has spread. We will explain whether your pet has a slow-growing cancer or an aggressive one. There are many different types of cancers and we will help you understand the type of cancer your pet has. Please ask us any questions you may have and to explain any medical terms you do not understand. Do not be afraid to ask us questions.

There are many cancer treatment options that are very effective and most pets tolerate cancer treatments well. You can read more about the treatments offered at Cancer Veterinary Center of Naples by clicking on the links below.

Dogs and Cats